8 BEST Behavioural and Situational Interview Questions and Sample Answers. Are you wondering HOW to ACE your behavioral or situational interview? If you are preparing for your job interview this video is a great way of understanding What the behavioral interview is!
– What is the BEST way to respond to behavioral questions!
– An answer formula to ANY behavioral interview question!
– How to use STAR Response Formula during job interviews?
– And 8 BEST Behavioral Questions with Sample answers to these questions!

Behavioral interview questions and answers, also known as competency-based interview or a situational interview, is a technique when a candidate is asked specific questions which describe their past behaviors, in concrete situations. It’s ALL about how you solved a problem in the past. Because the way you behaved in the past, during a specific situation or problem, will give an indication on how you MIGHT behave in a similar situation, in the future. That is why MOST of the hiring managers LOVE asking behavioral questions.

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And now you must be wondering what is the BEST way to respond to these questions? The BEST way to impress hiring managers, during a behavioral interview, is to turn YOUR ANSWER into a step-by-step STORY. That’s right, that’s what the interviewer wants to hear: a STORY about how you solved a PROBLEM, related to your job, in the past. Some of us are really good at storytelling, but some of us are not! Let me share an easy to use response formula, which helps you turn your interview answer into a story. You must have heard about the widely used STAR response formula. STAR stands for Situation Task Action Result. STAR response turns your answer into a story, it also gives EXAMPLES to back up your answer, making your job interview answers more powerful.

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