WHY did you leave your last job? BEST SAMPLE ANSWERS. You WILL always get “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” interview question. What if you couldn’t take it anymore and needed to leave? What if things got ugly and you were fired? I think every job seeker needs help with “Why did you leave your job?” job interview question, especially if you are currently unemployed.

In THIS video: How to structure your best answer to “Why did you leave your last job?” in 4 easy steps and good Why Did You Leave sample answers. Which will be helpful to you while coming up with your response “Why did you leave your last job?” Can be asked in many different ways, but they are all looking for the same answer:
Why do you want to leave your current position? (for those who are currently employed)
What made you leave your previous position? (for those who are currently unemployed)
What do you (or did) you dislike about your job?
What would you change about your last job?
Have you ever quit your job and why?

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I always say, NEVER lie in a job interview, because sooner or later that will turn against you. But it doesn’t mean that this is your chance to openly bad-mouth your former employer, EVEN if they deserve it or Going into details and victimizing yourself, in front of someone who won’t get the full picture, no matter how hard you try. If you’ve done that before, that could have been the reason of failing an interview.

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