I was interviewed by a student (Daniel) who is currently pursuing regulatory affairs certification at Seneca college. We start off by talking about how Daniel got into Regulatory Affairs and how he likes the program he’s at and career options. Then he fires me questions around my career in Regulatory Affairs. Breakdown below..


Intro and Purpose Of Interview: 00:00
What Is Daniel’s Education Background? 01:46
What Made Daniel Get Into RA? 02:07
How Does Daniel Like the RA Program? 03:05
What Industry Does Daniel Want To Get Into? 03:34
What is your (Brian’s) academic background, and do you feel that it has adequately prepared you for your position? 04:26
Regulatory Affairs is not a career field that is widely known, even among those with exposure to the pharmaceutical industry. What exposure did you have to the field prior to entering it and how did it become your career choice? 06:48
Which direction do you see your career path going? 09:28
If you could do it all over again, would you still choose the same career path? 12:30
What do you find most enjoyable about your job? Least enjoyable? 13:58
Would you say that there is a general sense of job satisfaction among your coworkers? 18:01
What abilities or characteristics would you say are most important to be successful in this job? 19:36
What are the most important communication tasks and documents in this job? 23:39
Would you recommend becoming a member of a regulatory affairs association? Which one would be the most helpful: CAPRA, RAPS or PSG? 25:16
I’ve been told that it takes about two years before one is truly comfortable with filling out a particular type of submission. Would you say that this is an accurate assessment? 28:06
Aside from the types of submissions, what would you say are the differences between working for an innovator and a generic company? 29:39
What are the salary ranges for this field? 32:28
What is the current job market like? With other Colleges also offering a Regulatory Affairs program, do you think the field may become over-saturated? 33:58
What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone who is looking for a job as a Regulatory Affairs associate? 35:32
I’m actually considering a job offer at the moment. What do you think are the things I should be looking for? 36:40

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