7 Signs You’re About To Be Fired from work, find out if you are getting fired from your job. Are you wondering if you are about to lose your job? How can you know if you’re about to be terminated and lose your job? In this video I’ll share 7 signs that you are about to get fired from your position. These signs are an indication that you might have reached the end of your journey in your current role, that your job is in a danger, that your manager or boss might be firing you immediately.

First sign and a very clear one for most of the employees being laid off is: When your boss does not like you, your boss dislikes you, your boss hates you. The relationship with your manager is crucial for any position and any company you will be working at. You you boss doesn’t like you and is not pleased with how you work.
2. You are left “out of the loop” and you get removed from projects
3. When the manager that hired you leaves the company
4. When you are asked to create a job description for your current position…
When You’re placed on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)… The worst part is that HR is “not your friend” in this situation, they protect the company’s interests so be careful with what you discuss with them. You’re only a tool to get results, use HR as a tool to get your results as well.

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