I had it all: the title, the paycheck, and the lifestyle. Yes, I was miserable AF. If only I had known Brian Hines back then…

If you haven’t met him yet, he posts β€ŽοΈβ€πŸ”₯β€ŽοΈβ€πŸ”₯β€ŽοΈβ€πŸ”₯ content here daily.
(If you’re in sales, consider him a must-follow). Brian comes from a different angle than me: A traditional one. He checked all the boxes you were probably told to check:
βœ… Business degree from a great school
βœ… Thriving personal life
βœ… Work in Investments Banking
βœ… Created career trajectory for himself and excelled at work

He could have lived his life checking those boxes…

πŸ’₯ But then he took a different direction πŸ’₯

He got clear AF, got mindful, and aligned with his purpose.

We’ll be chatting LIVE on Thursday, and while we plan to follow where the conversation takes us (and the chat TBH)

There are a few things on our docket for us to explore:
✨ Success on paper vs IRL
✨ Why mindfulness matters (especially for sales professionals)
✨ How to start unchecking some of your boxes.

Website: www.brianjhines.com
Instagram: @brianjhinescoaching
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-hines/

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