There are hundreds—if not thousands—of books on real estate, personal finance, personal development, and motivation. It’s likely you’ve heard of many of them, whether you read about them in a blog post or heard about them during the “famous four” questions asked at the end of every BiggerPockets Podcast and BiggerPockets Money Show. But what are the best real estate books for beginners?

Successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs recommend everything from How to Win Friends and Influence People to The Millionaire Next Door. But trying to decide which book you should read first or read next is a daunting task. Considering throwing up your hands and giving up? We understand—and so we did the heavy lifting.

7 Topics Beginners (and All Investors) Need to Study
OK, rookie. You have a long road ahead of you. In addition to a whole lot of hustle, knowledge will be your key competitive advantage.

There will always be more to learn—but don’t underestimate the power of intense, focused study. Commit to daily, real-world learning plus deliberate study of these topics and you’ll be better-educated than 90 percent of real estate investors.

General principles and strategies
Deal analysis
Rehab and construction estimating
Finding and negotiating deals
Property management
Legal and contracts.
These are your educational building blocks. Look at these as the “101 courses” in your real estate investor self-education. The books you read, the experienced investors you meet, and the mistakes you make will all be your teachers.

So take good notes!

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