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In this video I run through 18 of the most common Goldman Sachs HireVue online interview questions that most candidates seem to be getting asked. I touch on how best to answer and approach each question so as to help you increase your chances of converting your next online HireVue interview regardless of whether it be with Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan, any other investment bank or even consulting organisation. As always, thanks for passing by and enjoy the video!

00:00 – Intro
01:08 – 1. Why do you want to work for Goldman Sachs and what makes you suitable?
02:52 – 2. Walk me through your CV/rΓ©sume
04:49 – 3. Are you a leader or a team member and why?
06:15 – 4. Talk about how you would integrate a new teammate?
07:05 – 5. What do you do outside of the office?
07:35 – 6. How would you describe your work ethic?
08:20 – 7. What are you passionate about?
09:05 – 8. What are the key personality traits that make a good Investment Banker (for IBD)?
10:20 – 9. Can you give a time when you have had to overcome something difficult?
11:19 – 10. what are the markets doing right now?
12:10 – 11. why would a liquidation model be relevant right now?
12:47 – 12. Walk me through a time you persisted through a challenge
13:30 – 13. Tell me about a transaction that you’ve been following recently
14:31 – 14. You see a friend cheating in an exam what do you do?
16:34 – 15. You want to take on a new research project but it will be demanding what do you do?
17:34 – 16. You have a deadline but are missing information. what do you do?
18:32 – 17. Talk about about a time you had to deal with a bad teammate.
19:50 – 18. How do you follow authority and if you would listen or act against a questionable command?

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Hey! I’m Afzal Hussein. I make videos on banking and finance, careers, productivity and lifestyle. I’m also building Simpley (a marketplace for career advice), and I teach on Skillshare. Before all of this I started my career working at an investment bank called Goldman Sachs. Hit the various links above to find out more about me. Thanks for passing by!

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