Signs You Should Decline The Job Offer – The Hiring Process Red Flags. If you’ve been looking for a job for longer than expected, you might be pressuring yourself to accept an offer, which your gut feeling tells you not to. It’s important to recognize those interview and hiring process red flags when you just have to decline the job offer. The truth is that you’ll be spending way too many hours at work, and your overall happiness is directly linked to your satisfaction with the job.

So how can we ensure we don’t end up working in a toxic workplace? After years of experience in corporate HR and in executive search I know exactly what the hiring process Red Flags look like, so these are reasons to decline an offer, 7 clear Signs for you to decline the job offer. Sometimes even after seeing the obvious red flags, you decide to accept the role. This can be due to fear of not getting another position, due to financial pressures, etc. I’ve seen it happen again and again, taking a job and then regretting it. Because very soon you are back to the job market, searching for a job again but with your confidence completely shaken due to a toxic work environment you’ve experienced.

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If you’re in an interview, you ask interviewers about their company culture, and they say “we are like a family” and that there’s “no office politics here”, watch out for warning signs, because this is a clear RED FLAG. Your company is not your family, your co-workers are clearly not your family. Having a positive work culture doesn’t mean you should think of your co-workers as a family. The “Co-workers are your family” dynamic is used by both CEOs and managers in hopes of keeping employees loyal. But this kind of dynamic and terminology can often lead to painful and dangerous career experiences and side effects and you’d rather find out why.

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