In this video, you will learn the most practical real estate selling tips and techniques, and how to up your game as a realtor, and what you need to focus on and practice.

If you are an expert or a beginner, these selling tips and techniques will help you to get the best out of every opportunity.

0:58 Stop assuming.

The first selling tip in real estate you should have in mind is to stop assuming,

Stop assuming that the client knows everything already and that you can use real estate terms expecting that they understand you.
With that in mind, you can educate your clients and communicate better.

3:33 Be more of a leader and be more assertive.

Don’t be afraid to be assertive and take the lead of the conversation,
It is a great selling technique that you should practice and focus on, and every real estate agent should have it to get the meeting or close the sale.
Also, if you are a real estate beginner, this will make clients trust you as an expert.

6:18 Consistent and duplicatable

You have to be consistent and do the real estate basics over and over again,

It is not about the magic selling technique; it is about practicing the basics as much as possible.

8:08 Track, Track, Track

Track every step of the real estate selling process,
How many hours, calls, appointments, emails, and leads.
And what are your sales goals for the year, and where are you so far?

Because with this data, you can analyze and define your points of weakness and work on it

Follow these real estate selling tips and techniques, and you will see the results in numbers.

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