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Today, I would like to focus on the five skills that real estate agents usually lack, and nobody teaches in real estate training,

However, these skills are essential, and it will improve your sales and overall, your success as a real estate agent.

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0:53 Emotional intelligence

Your control over your emotions is a crucial skill to your success as a real estate agent,

Always keep your emotions in check,

Keep in mind that this business includes other people, like other real estate agents and clients, and if you interact with them with your emotions rather than your logic, you will lose a lot of sales.
Here you can see a full video about how to control your emotions:

2:35 Empathy

It is the genuine interest in your clients and their emotional estate,
Your real estate sales training might include listening, but it focuses on their buying needs, but you also need to listen to what they actually say and acknowledge their emotions.

4:20 prioritizing and tracking

Real estate is a business that requires a plan like any other business, and you need to track your progress and prioritize the tasks that your real estate business requires.

If you keep your focus on your success as a real estate agent, you will have it.

6:05 Self-confidence

What you feel about yourself will reflect on what you do and how you behave.
Accomplished real estate agents always have this confidence and believe that they are worthy of what they are and what they have.

Here you can watch my video on how to have supreme self-confidence:

8:11 Leadership and teamwork

You have to lead yourself by getting yourself to wake up on time and do your work, because this is how you can lead others.

Complete your real estate sales training by adding these skills to your skillset, and you will notice a considerable improvement in your success as a real estate agent.

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