Looking for a high dollar house flip profit? Tarl is back to walk through another deal analysis! This time, we’re looking at a more cosmetic flip, not a full-on gut job. This property was bought during the start of the pandemic when it was risky to buy an investment property or even do a flip for that matter. But, as we all know, the market has favored real estate investments! If you’re in the market for flips (or BRRRRs), watch out for Tarl’s pro-tip, it will help just about anyone analyzing real estate deals!

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Estimate Rehab Costs Quickly With This Simple 6-Step Process:

Estimate Rehab Costs Quickly With This Simple 6-Step Process

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00:00 Welcome Back!
02:06 Property Overview
08:41 What’s “Cosmetic” in Your Market?
9:57 Acquiring This Property
13:23 Going Over the Numbers
18:27 Photos: After the Renovation
20:21 Pro Tip: Use an Accounting Hard Cost Sheet
26:25 Other Exit Strategies