SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS // If you’re working in a marketing analyst role, supporting a marketing team, or even running your own business, it’s important to understand social media analytics and how they impact the business.

I talk a lot about analytics in traditional business analyst and data analyst roles. Today we’re looking at a more recent development – social media analytics.

All the most popular social media platforms have some amount of analytics built into their applications, sometimes requiring a free pro or business account to access.

There’s youtube analytics, facebook analytics, instagram analytics, linkedin analytics, twitter analytics, pinterest analytics…even tiktok analytics.

There are also dozens of options for managing social media analytics outside of these platforms.

Beyond the platforms we traditionally think of as social media, most people consider customer sentiment mining on forums to also fall under social media analytics. What are customers saying on Reddit or forums that are industry or topic specific?

We’ll look at:
Which social media platforms track analytics?
What types of data is available?
How can social media analytics drive business improvements?
Which social media analytics should you analyze?

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