Do This Before Starting Your Job Search. 5 Steps of your job hunting strategy. Did you know that the right job search process begins way before you start checking and applying to those jobs? If you REALLY want results your preparation should start even before you begin working your resume. I am Marat from Emmotion and in this video I’m sharing FIVE proven steps for a job hunting strategy which will get you the desired role twice as fast!
Like everything else in life: you need to put an effort in your job search to get effective results. The standard way of checking jobs online, sending your resume, doing interviews, following up and repeating the whole process without having an initial strategy will make things harder for you. When someone starts a business, they need to come up with a business plan first. Your job search also needs a business plan. These 5 steps will help you to come up with one:
Step 1. Use the 4 list strategy.
– Make a list of what you dislike about your current job or about your current situation, if you are not working at the moment.
– Then make a “wish list” of things you would like to have at your next job. Think of something specific, like the location and shorter commute, good benefits package, strong and motivating manager who you can learn from, etc, etc…
– Then write down or add to your spreadsheet list all the tasks that you are good at. All the skills that you have. To know exactly what you bring to the table for employers. What you should be highlighting on your resume or on your cover letter.
– Add skills you would like to learn and develop.
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