How To Work With a Recruiter To Find A Job. What is the right way of dealing with a recruiter? How to work with recruiters to find a job? Work with recruiters and build a positive and a mutually beneficial relationship with recruiters. I’ll give you advice which will instantly make the recruiter like, appreciate and respect you.

Have you ever dealt with a recruiter? I know that recruiters are FAR from being perfect, in fact some of them can be quite unprofessional, but don’t immediately assume that they are all the same! To this day and age, many candidates think that recruiters work for THEM and that the recruiters’ job is to look for jobs and provide service to candidates. This approach is bound to lead to a negative experience, because Recruiters ALWAYS work for their clients and their companies. So the first advice is accepting that Recruiters don’t owe you anything. It’s not their job to find a perfect role for you. I have received emails and messages from some really disappointed candidates. Telling what a bad experience they had while dealing with recruiters. As I said, some recruiters might indeed be unprofessional, but sometimes it’s the candidate’s expectations which are unreasonable and will of course not be met.

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