How do you beat the black hole of rejected resumes and find an awesome remote job? By watching this video with remote work coach extraordinaire Jordan Carroll, Tim Salau, and John Marty.

We dive deep on:

✅ How to Back-channel opportunities (in other words – how to not use recruiters)
✅ How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Remote Employee.
✅ How to Network from Home to Land Remote Roles
✅ A 3-Step Framework to Defining Your Personal Value Proposition.

About the speakers:

John Marty: John is a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon, LinkedIn top voice for career related topics, and the founder of Project 1B, a non-profit on a mission to change the way people view success and happiness.

Jordan Carroll: From his career in Human Resources Management and Recruiting, Jordan has the insider’s perspective on what makes for a highly successful career, and what keeps people stagnant. I am also a two-time author, a keynote speaker, and an outfit-repeater.

checkout Jordan’s YouTube Channel here:

“Tim “Mr. Future of Work” Salau: Tim is the CEO & Co-Founder of Guide, the premiere B2B SaaS Learning & Talent Development platform helping distributed teams and 7M+ remote workers learn anytime, anywhere, on-demand.” He’s an author, accomplished international keynote speaker, product leader, tech influencer, and one of the select few Nigerian-American activists and global authorities leading and shaping the discussion on the Future of Work, leadership, and innovation.