Job guarantees are one of the reasons many people are drawn to some bootcamps. It feels no risk – can’t get a job? Then you don’t have to pay. But the reality of these data science bootcamp job guarantees is that most of them aren’t quite as simple as they lead you to believe. It’s not just data science bootcamps – these same job guarantees show up in coding bootcamps, analytics bootcamps, etc.

Some programs also – or alternatively – offer income share agreements or deferred tuition which let you pay after you’ve finished the program.

Unsurprisingly, while these sound great, they’re not without significant catches.

The requirements you have to keep up with to qualify for the job guarantee can be challenging. Taken on a week by week – or even monthly basis – they might not seem so bad. But what if you want a week off from your 6 month job search?

How much control do you have over the type of job that you get? What types of jobs can you turn down? Which jobs do you have to accept? You might be surprised at the answer.

0:00 Data Science Bootcamps
0:51 “No Risk” Bootcamps
3:14 Data Science Bootcamp Job Guarantee Overview
6:08 Key Info to Understand a Job Guarantee
8:20 Bootcamp Job Guarantee (Program 1)
11:49 Qualifying Jobs
13:25 Job Search Requirements
18:00 Bootcamp Job Guarantee (Program 2)

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