Interview Tips, Simulation and Training – 3rd MOCK Interview. Practice and prepare for the Final Behavioral Interview and for the final stages of the recruitment process. This 3rd stage practice interview might be your final interview with the company. An interview simulation is made for you to gain more confidence before your actual next stage interview. Use this as an opportunity to reinforce why you’re the best candidate for the job and make a lasting impression on the company, since they are obviously interested in hiring you.
Be prepared and ready for the behavioural interview questions, which focus on how you handled a variety of work situations in the past. And you are given 1 minute to answer each question.
01:51 What motivates you in this project? How has your perception about this job changed during these past weeks?
02:59 Which is the way you usually handle stress? Could you describe a stressful situation at your previous job and how did you handle it?
03:58 Which has been the most difficult environment for you to work at and why?
04:58 Describe a conflict which you were involved in? Was it with a colleague or management? How did you manage to handle it?
06:15 What has been the most uncomfortable conversation you needed to have with your direct manager? Why was it uncomfortable and how did you handle it?
07:25 What has been the most deadline oriented role you have ever had and why do you feel so?
08:40 What do you think is more important: Delivering an OK project on time? or Delivering a PERFECT project after a deadline?
09:50 How do you think you can contribute to our company‚Äôs goal to increase revenues and to reach more customers?… Watch it in full and answer ALL the behavioral questions.

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