Get HIRED Fast: 5 Effective Job Search Tips and a Winning Job Hunting Strategy. Getting to an interview stage isn’t always easy. Only 3% of job seekers that applied for a job get a phone interview, and LESS than 2% of applicants get invited to an interview. Job hunting has become even harder through this past year. It’s extremely frustrating sending out so many applications but not getting contacted by any of the companies. So it’s time to stop and to RETHINK your job search strategy to pass your interview and get hired.

How to Get Started on LinkedIn:
How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out:
Next Level Tips for a Great LinkedIn Profile:
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What Are Your Greatest Strengths? :
What Is Your Greatest Weakness? – SAMPLE ANSWERS:
Tell Me About Yourself Guide – Your Interview Presentation Pitch:

Why Do You Want To Work Here Question:
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