Jonathan Wasserstrum, founder of SquareFoot likes to say that he was working in PropTech before PropTech was a thing, and he’s right! For the past few decades, many industries were seeing expansive growth, new ideas, and upgraded technology. One of the industries that didn’t see that tech growth was real estate.

Jonathan found that many commercial real estate customers were looking for a consumer-facing option to view commercial spaces from the comfort of their own homes. Why were there so many residential real estate sites, but no commercial real estate sites? That’s where Jonathan’s company SquareFoot came in!

SquareFoot took off and over time was becoming a staple product for those looking for commercial real estate spaces. Due to its success, Jonathan was in a great position, which allowed him to become an angel investor for real estate deals and different startups, passing on his knowledge and capital to other new businesses!

Jonathan talks syndications, funds, and investing as a whole. For any investor who wants to see their industry grow and advance forward, Jonathan is a great success story showing you have the power to change your industry for the better!

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