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In this episode, Lauren and Kyle close out the series by giving you a final walk through of their BRRRR house hack investment property and show the compete before and after renovations. They share all of the rehab costs and dive into a deal analysis using the Bigger Pockets calculator to see how they did on their investment property and do a full numbers breakdown.


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EP 9: Signing Our First Tenant, COVID-19 & More DIY Bathroom Renovations on our BRRRR Investment

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EP 11: BRRRR Triplex Investment Property (DIY Bathroom Renovation)

EP 12: Painting our BRRRR Triplex Investment Property!

EP 13: DIY Bathroom Renovations In Our BRRRR Rental Property!

EP 14: Landlording Disaster! How We Dealt With a Disaster On Our Rental Property!

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EP 16: Installing Kitchen Cabinets In Our Multifamily BRRRR Investment Property!

EP 17: Halfway Through Renovations on Our BRRRR Rental Property!

EP 18: Renovations Are Almost Complete on Our Rental Property!

EP 19: DIY Bathroom Vanity

EP 20: We Bought A BRRRR Investment Property! | Kitchen Countertops & Finishing Touches

EP 21: Putting The Final Touches On Our BRRRR Investment Property

EP 22: Top BRRR Real Estate Investing Questions Answered

EP 23: BRRR Property Before and After: Numbers Breakdown

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