Think you can’t come up with a million dollar (or TEN MILLION DOLLAR) idea sitting around with your buddies?  Think you can’t build an 8-figure business and have a ton of fun doing it?  Think you can’t build a business like this in less than three years?

Then this episode is for you!

Chris Meade — twenty-something co-founder of the 8-figure game company Crossnet — was a kid with a dream when he, his brother and a friend conceived of a new take on beach volleyball.  With nothing more than a fun idea and some determination, they got prototypes designed, started selling individual games through viral marketing and are now on track to do over $15 MILLION in revenue in 2020.

In this advice-filled episode, Chris breaks down many of his companies processes in detail.  He starts by giving a step-by-step plan for finding overseas manufacturers to prototype, build and package your product — incredibly inexpensively!  He tells us how to do it, how much it costs, how long it takes, and then provides some pro-tips to keep you from making some big mistakes — and not getting taken advantage of — in the process.

Chris then talks about how he and his partners were able to start selling the game using viral marketing techniques, social media, and their own sales funnels.  From there, he goes on to provide some great advice for how to keep your product and marketing expenses low (including some tips on things that can be negotiated that you probably don’t realize).

Make sure you listen for the single most important skill an entrepreneur needs to be successful.  Chris discusses how he used that skill to get sales, to get his product on the shelves of the national retail chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, to get a partnership with one of the largest sporting manufacturers in the world, and ultimately to get a partnership with a professional volleyball league that will allow his company to grow and expand beyond imagination.

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