Successful business owners are addicted to building businesses, sometimes to their folly. For someone like Codie Sanchez, this isn’t a problem, but a superpower. Codie is a journalist, a venture capital partner, an angel investor, and an entrepreneur. She loves, as she puts it, “building herself out of a job”, which means creating businesses with huge potential, getting a team in place, and heading on to better things.

Now, managing many millions of dollars, she has to look into which businesses are worth capital investments. Codie often advises business owners to act out of confidence, not fear, and consistently hire people that are better at their jobs than them. She places a very high value on having employees and workers who are competent and can help the team grow (as any smart business owner should).

Codie mentions the most profitable skill of today and how she’s using that specific skill to grow her newsletter, Contrarian Thinking. She argues that in today’s society, the top level of hierarchies for time freedom and ideological freedom is financial freedom. If you can decide what you do, where you do it from, what you can and can’t say, and how to live your life, you have the ultimate freedom available.

This episode delves not only into the life of a VC, but how small businesses can keep their loyal customers, grow their audiences, and repel those who aren’t a good fit for them. Regardless of the size of business you have, Codie presents great arguments for everyone about developing yourself, your business, and your mindset.

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