Ever had a card declined when trying to buy the basics? That was the start of Allison Baggerly’s journey into budgeting and saving.

As a big spender in college, Allison didn’t see a real reason to save instead of spend. She would take herself on frequent trips to the mall to treat herself when she aced a test, or make herself feel better if she flunked one.

It wasn’t until her first son was born that her and her husband realized they wouldn’t have enough in the budget to pay for childcare costs, and thus, the Inspired Budget was born!

After a few years of limited spending and frequent budget analyzing, Allison and her Husband paid off over $110,000+ in debt and are now on their way to financial abundance.

Allison talks about the importance of giving yourself spending, investing, and saving allowances and how you don’t need to sacrifice everything to become financially safe!

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