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The X1 Credit Card was JUST recently announced, and instead of becoming another credit card that gives you cash back and a juicy sign up bonus – they wanted to shake things up a little bit, and do things a little differently, so they went with an alternative approach:

They wanted to Design a “SMART CREDIT CARD” that gives a credit limit based on their customers INCOME, NOT their credit score – among a whole bunch of other “high-tech’ features that we’ll cover shortly.

In terms of the cards design, they’re obviously appealing to millennials…by making it metal.

They also promise you auto-expiring virtual cards, allowing you to cancel payments with one click, spend anonymously without disclosing your personal information, create virtual cards for one-time use, Get instant notifications on refunds, and attach receipts to purchases, and more.

As far as rewards:

They say they’ll be giving you 2x points on every dollar spent, and when you spend more than $15,000 per year – they’ll give you 3x points on every dollar spent. Oh, but wait – there’s more – you can unlock 30 days of 4x points for every friend you refer. You can earn an UNLIMITED amount of points, and they never expire.

Unfortunately, It looks as though you can only redeem these points at pre-approved companies. But hey, if you’re shopping at any one of these companies…including….SUPREME…then, yeah, each point is worth somewhere from 1-2 cents each, and that means this could potentially get you ALL THE WAY UP TO 8% back depending on how many people you refer.

You get all of this WITH a $0 annual fee….and that, I can’t complain about. Anytime something is $0…I approve.

Overall, I gotta say – The X1 Credit Card IS a breath of fresh air – and, to be perfectly honest – I’m not sure WHY there haven’t been more “smart credit cards” coming into the market.

It seems, to me, like they’ve just taken some broad concepts of the Apple Credit Card – and then just improved it a little bit, added some better features, and then re-marketed it down to a millennial and Gen Z audience – which I think it’s SMART.

The No Annual Fee thing is really nice, the point system is REALLY good but ONLY if you’re using your points towards they’re pre-approved companies, and I don’t see a many downsides with this card..If you can get up to 8% cash back on those merchants at a value of 8 cents per point, that’s higher than nearly anything else out there.

I also gotta say, I like the features with this card…and if they can integrate some type of personal finance payment tracker on the card, I think it’ll be a clear rival with some of the other no-annual fee credit cards out there…so, I like it.

My ONLY criticism, however, is that it looks like points can only be redeemed through select merchants, which I’m not a huge fan of…BUT, if this gets people IN the credit card game with a higher limit upfront based on income, I’m all for it – and I think this will be a good step in the right direction to begin digitalizing credit cards.

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