Last time we talked to Sarah, AKA Budget Girl, she was on Episode 6 of the Money Show. If you haven’t listened to that episode, here’s a quick recap. Sarah was $33,000 in debt from student loans, but she was able to pay it off while making less than $30,000 year! For most people, this would have taken decades to pay off, but Sarah was able to crush her debt in only a few years!

Now it’s time to check in on Sarah, and see what she’s been doing since clearing herself from debt. Currently, Sarah has a net worth of over $100,000, she took some advice from the BiggerPockets community and bought a duplex to house hack! She purchased the duplex within the “path of progress” around Texas A&M University. She’s seen some solid appreciation over the past 10 months and cash flows a small amount off the property. She’s not only living for free, she’s getting paid to live in her own property!

Sarah has also hoarded a serious sum of cash and investments sitting on the side. She has retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, and a large surplus of cash that is slowly building so she can buy her next property. Sarah is able to do this by keeping her expenses very low, while making money from her full-time job and her side hustle as Budget Girl. She proved that even with a low income, you can get out of debt and hit financial milestones!

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