Erik and his wife have three big debts to tackle: their mortgage on their primary residence, their mortgage on their rental property, and a HELOC (home equity line of credit) taken out as the down payment for their rental property. So, which debt should they tackle first?

As two school teachers in New Jersey, Erik and his Wife made smart moves earlier this year by closing on a rental property, in order to have another stream of income coming in. They already have well paying jobs, pension plans, IRA accounts, and other ways of setting themselves up for the future, but how can they streamline their debt payoffs and maximize their cash?

First, Mindy and Scott walk through budgeting, and put an emphasis on why you should separate out your business expenses and personal expenses, and make sure they don’t intertwine. Then they go on to tailor a plan of action for Erik and his wife, giving some great examples of leveraging low-interest debt in order to pay off higher interest debt and fill emergency funds.

Whether it’s personal or business debt you’d like to tackle, this is a great episode going through the pros and cons of paying off debt quicker!

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