Real estate investor Anson Young is here to tell you about the top 10 marketing lists that he uses to find great deals off market! From how hard they are to get, to how much they cost, and how much competition you can expect with each list–every angle is covered! Whether you fix and flip, buy rental properties, house hack, develop or BRRRR, you have to go off market to find the best deals, and these lists will help you get there.

0:00 Intro
3:04 Overview
3:43 Driving for Dollars
5:38 Free and Clear
7:53 High Equity
9:08 Absentee
11:44 Pre-Foreclosure
13:39 Eviction/Divorce/Bankruptcy
15:34 Tax Lien / Delinquent
16:36 Probate / Estate
18:56 Code Violation
22:25 Action Steps + Outro

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