Ready for some solid motivation on moving forward and pushing through? Need a reminder of the passion that led you to start your business in the first place? Could you use a dose of inspiration from two business partners who clearly share the same goals and are committed to succeed together, no matter what obstacles they face? This episode delivers all that and more!

Michelle Oppelt and Samantha Mooney — co-owners of Smartycat Kids and SmartyCatTV, have had a great run. Pouring tremendous amounts of faith into each other with a symbiotic relationship based on trust and tenacity, this dynamic duo spent over a decade developing, nurturing, and growing an engaging child education enrichment company serving hundreds of families.

Operating like a well-oiled machine and with a plan in place for extreme expansion, timing wasn’t exactly on their side. Simply stated, Covid brought business to a screeching halt. Faced with a seriously tough situation, Michelle and Samantha took a big step back, assessed the situation, then faced the harsh reality. Their brainchild couldn’t just pivot–it was time to completely reinvent.

In this episode, Michelle and Samantha give us great tips on using resources wisely, reaching out far and wide to find like-minded thinkers who can help us view things through a different lens. They give heartfelt advice on keeping your mission front and center to guide you through difficult choices. And they encourage us to not only accept change, but to fully embrace it, finding new opportunities to propel your entity to an entirely new place.

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