0:00 BiggerPockets Podcast Intro
0:26 Pre-show with Brandon and David
1:58 Quick Tip
4:37 Discussing ‘Everything is figureoutable’
13:51 Calling yourself a ‘real estate investor’
17:57 Fake it till you make it vs. honesty?
21:33 Marketing in real estate
24:24 How to differentiate yourself
33:53 Problem solving
40:42 Show outro

Last week’s show with Marie Forleo was so good that Brandon and David are back with a special guest, BiggerPockets’ senior producer Kevin Leahy, to unpack all the wisdom from the “figureoutable” show.

Kevin learnt about Marie Forleo though his wife suggesting he take some of her advice when transitioning into his current position at BiggerPockets. A simple trick from Marie helped Kevin make some big decisions: see if your body expands or contracts when you think about two different options. This trick, along with her insight on writing your options down in order to take a step back from your situation, has helped Kevin make some hard decisions.

If you listened to last week’s show, you’ll remember that Marie touched on how important marketing is in any industry. Whether you’re a real estate agent, a buy and hold investor, or a flipper, you have to be marketing to get clients, deals, and even employees. How are you differentiating yourself in the market, and what can you do to be “that guy” or “that girl” in your specific industry?

You’ll also hear a special tip on how Kevin lost a deal to another buyer, and the exact tactic that the other buyer used to get the property under contract. Kevin goes through why this is such a great tactic for making sellers comfortable and how you can deploy it in your future deals as well.

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