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Here in the United States, you first have whats called your FEDERAL tax bracket, which is how much you owe the IRS, depending how much money you make. This is the same WHEREVER you live in the United States, this is all the same for everyone…except Puerto Rico, but that’s the topic for another video.

NOW…In ADDITION to paying FEDERAL INCOME TAXES…almost every state has an income tax that you owe THEM, completely separate from the IRS. As you can see from the chart, some states have ZERO income tax – like Texas, Nevada, Tennessee, Florida, Washington, and so on…and others range anywhere from a few percent all the way to 13.3%.

Now, if we approach this from PURELY a TAX STANDPOINT – Las Vegas does not have ANY state income tax

I was able to get a fixed mortgage at 2.875% interest, with 15% down, for 30 years, at a $1,440,000 purchase price. That means my monthly mortgage is going to be $5,078 per month, my property taxes will be about $1050 per month, the HOA is $300 per month, and my home owners insurance is $200 per month.

That means my TOTAL out of pocket cost to own this home is $6,628 per month…however, when you pay a mortgage, a portion of that goes towards home equity as you pay down the loan…meaning, when you account for $2150 per month going towards home equity, my “total out of pocket” is ACTUALLY reduced to $4,478 per month to own this home.

Not only that, but because I’m planning to use half of the house exclusively for business and filming, HALF of that amount is a write off against my gross income – bringing my out of pocket cost, after tax write offs…to $3582 PER MONTH to own this home.

That means that, even though this house had a purchase price of $1,440,000 and it’s costing, NET, $3582 per month after write offs…not only do I get an extra 2000 square feet to create new filming locations from, but I’m also able to SAVE $33,000 PER MONTH since Las Vegas has no state income tax.

Now, of course – for anyone curious, YES, I WILL STILL OWE California State Income tax on ANY revenue generated from and in California. That means that all of my rental property income in California will be subject to State Income Tax, and any business I do in California will be carefully accounted for so I can pay the appropriate tax. But, because nearly everything else that I do can be done remotely – moving here gives me significantly more opportunity to continue growing and expanding, and bringing YOU even better content to watch day after day.

This is certainly not to say that EVERYONE can do this because there are a lot of factors to take into consideration…but, for me, that is how I broke down the math with how it pertains to myself and this home.

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