Some people are born into wealth, but none are born into success. Success needs to be earned, through pain, hard work, and perseverance.

Patrick Bet-David came to the United States during the Iranian Revolution of 1978, after already being a refugee in Germany. Patrick served in the U.S. Army and prided himself on his ability to party, but after a family health emergency, he decided enough was enough, and he became the hard-working, driven man he is today.

Now, a successful businessman, media producer, best selling author, and CEO, Patrick has a lot of wisdom to share for young and aspiring businesspeople. One of his biggest lessons: don’t waste your pain. Patrick shows how the best of the best in business, sports, or any other field are consistently putting themselves in positions where they have to fight to be the best. Patrick argues that even if you’re the best basketball player in your high school, once you go to college you may be at the bottom of the list, and once you become the best in college, you may be stuck again at the bottom of the professional leagues. This means you have to constantly change, adapt, and improve yourself to become the best of the best.

We also talk about Patrick’s book, Your Next Five Moves and how people who are masters in their skillset are thinking at least five moves ahead of their competition. Want to buy a house? What are the next 5-10 moves you could make right now to get that done. Most people do a single step, stop because it’s too hard, and leave it at that. If you want to be the best of the best, you need to think bigger and understand the importance of the sequencing of those steps.

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