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Welcome to the Dream Investment Adventure! In this weekly series, real estate investor & mentor Steve Rozenberg helps this new investor through the scary, but simple process to buy an out of state real estate investment property!

Each week, Steve & Joe will sit down, discuss strategy, develop homework, discuss problems & figure out solutions. This series isn’t just about helping Joe, it’s about helping YOU learn how to invest in out of state properties.

Week #1 – Meeting Joe & Understanding Long-Distance Real Estate Investing
Week #2 – Selecting & Analyzing Real Estate Markets
Week #3 – Building Your Team
Week #4 – Finding A Real Estate Deal
Week #5 – Due Diligence & Closing On A Deal
Week #6 – Rehabbing A Property Remotely
Week #7 – Property Management
Week #8 – Leasing Your Property
Week #9 – Finale Review

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To learn more about MYND and how they can help you invest out of state, go here – https://www.mynd.co/dream-investment-adventure

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