Lets talk about the Robinhood Investing Platform, how they use your data, and how people are making easy money shorting their Top Movers Section – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan – CLICK SHOW MORE FOR SALES

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Full Robinhood Article Here: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3715077

This study argues that the simplicity of this design SUBCONSCIOUSLY directs their users to invest in the stocks that just happen to catch their attention…and what’s more likely to catch your attention than the TOP MOVERS?

In terms of how big of a deal this is…the study goes further to say that Robinhood users are MORE LIKELY to be influenced by those choices because:

One, half of Robinhood users are first time investors, who are heavily influenced by chasing returns without developing their own method for selecting stocks.

Two, the Robinhood app directs users attention to the SAME subset of stocks, while offering limited additional information that might lead to a different choice.

Third, the simple design makes it EASIER to rely on Robinhood’s information than on their own critical thinking.

Fourth, the app is SO EASY to use that it allows users to place trades nearly instantly…without the time to fully consider and think through what they’ve just done…

And fifth, because Robinhood users are more likely to buy and sell stocks within a short window of time – they’re more likely to trade speculatively, rather than invest diligently or the long term.

In other words, a large enough portion of Robinhood users are simply investing in the Top Movers Section without doing much research, and those stocks tend to see a 14% HIGHER Price than they would’ve seen, otherwise…with a subsequent 5% loss over the next month.

This is ESPECIALLY common in the companies with less than a $1 Billion Dollar Market Cap featured on Robinhood, which are much more easily influenced by investors buying in and driving up the price. This study analyzed almost 4,900 of these “herding events,” and found that 63% of the time, selling right after the price goes up, and then buying back in 5 days later, resulted in a 3.5% above market return.

First of all, DON’T EVER jump into a stock just because you see it going up in price. There’s enough research that suggests, at this point – jumping into a hype stock is a bad idea, prone to a quick reversal, if you jump in too late…which, chances are, by the time you see it on the top movers list – it’s already too late.

Second, NEVER buy into a stock without having researched the company to the point where you know how they make money, you understand their basic fundamentals, and you invest an amount where you still have enough left over to be properly diversified.

Third, yes – there ARE a small subset of people who are profiting from this information by shorting stocks and then buying them back at a lower price, but for 99.999% of people watching – I don’t recommend it.

Robinhood is still a good platform to use and they changed the game with $0 stock trades….but, their easy, game-like design also poses a threat to people who have no clue what they’re doing and just buy into the trends.

Instead, I’d just recommend people stick with the basics: smash the like button, invest diversified funds long term, keep buying consistently, and hold for as long as you can.

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