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Yotta works on a “game-like” system that pays you a base interest rate of 0.2%, FDIC insured through Evolve Bank…along with a weekly ticket for every $25 you save. Every day, Monday through Sunday at 6pm PST, they hold a drawing that picks a randomly generated number – and you can earn prizes depending how many numbers you match – all the way up to $10 million dollars.

But, here’s the thing – the MORE people join the app, the lower the average interest rate becomes…that’s because the top prizes with an asterisk are SHARED depending how many people match those numbers at the same time as you.

These were my first impressions:

One, just seeing this upfront: the interest rate they pay is INCREDIBLE. From a Savings Account standpoint, AVERAGING higher than 2% interest rate is INSANE when almost every other bank is below 1%, and most are even lower than that…HOWEVER, by the very nature of this – even though 2% is an AVERAGE interest rate across all prizes…some people will inevitably earn much less than this, and others will earn WAY MORE. I’d also expect that this rate is NOT going to be sustainable long term, and this is used as a way to gain momentum early on before – eventually – it’s lowered.

Second, as of right now – it’s ONLY a savings account, which means there aren’t any other features besides the chance at earning a lot of money – and even though I’m sure they’ll be adding on to this – don’t expect to get a full on bank like you would with Ally Bank, at least not now.

Third, I was rather disappointed to see that you’re only able to link ONE bank account at a time to your Yotta Account for deposits and withdrawals, and it takes about 10 days for your money to clear in order for you to take it out. This is obviously for consumer protection, and I get it – but, still – this is something that should hopefully improve over time.

Fourth, for anyone wondering – they are FDIC Insured through Evolve Bank and Trust – so Yotta doesn’t actually hold your money, Evolve Bank does.

And finally, fifth…I’m sure there might be skepticism about “what if the prizes are rigged?! How do we know this isn’t setup??” And, to make sure this stays 100% above board, after some research, the top prizes are picked and paid out by a third party insurance company….that way, it’s double-blind between the insurance and Yotta to make sure everything operates as it should and no one can purposely pick winning numbers.

This company is also featured on Bloomberg and backed by Y-Combinator, which is one of the most prestigious startup-accelerators in the world.

The business model behind it was quite intriguing….they’re based on the report that 40% of Americans are unable to cover a $400 emergency expense, yet they spend $1000 per year on the Lottery….so Yotta aimed to bridge that gap by INCENTIVIZING people to save through a prize based system that makes it EXCITING to put money away, gives them a better interest rate than they’d be getting at other banks, AND brings users back to the app on a regular basis to check in.

If you want to try it out and let me know what you think – it would mean a lot to me! To be clear: YES, it’s a referral link and I DO get compensated as an investor in the company – but, I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t use myself and don’t thoroughly believe in! 🙂

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