In this video, I will talk about door knocking, and yes door knocking! I understand you might think at these times, it’s not the best approach, but hear me out, and I will explain how you can get exceeding sales results with door knocking.

0:51 Do it.

Because it’s one of the pillars of real estate, and before you think this is not allowed in my area, check the facts for yourself.

2:03 People are isolated.

people are thirsty for social interactions because of coronavirus, so use that to build a bigger network and grow your real estate business, and you can door knock while keeping your distance.

4:00 Take your precautions.

As coronavirus is spreading, you need to make people comfortable talking to you, so while door knocking, and doing your sales pitch, wear a mask and gloves.

5:24 Different types of door knocking.

Networking: door-knock on previous clients, say what’s up, and then door knock around it.

Market study: educate yourself about the market by asking around for about 5 to 15 houses, and educate them about the market as this could create a new opportunity.

6:45 Gather info.

Don’t be afraid to ask and collect their data, whether they’re interested or not, as they could be your next client.
So, door knock, generate leads, make more sales, and be the best real estate agent you can be.

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