Steve Trang is all over social media, he runs a real estate brokerage, a sales training business, and a title company, but he didn’t start out as a real estate professional. Steve was actually an engineer at Intel before he made the leap to become an agent. As luck would have it, Steve got in right as the market was about to tank in 2007/2008. Did this stop him from finding success? Of course not!

Steve was interested in real estate, and after finding out what agents did for a living, he knew he needed to make a career switch. He left his corporate job and headed into real estate, trying to get any leads he could as an agent. His prior employer, Intel, told him that he was welcomed back if he ever needed a job, but when he tried to come back a couple years later, they didn’t have a position available for him. He knew the bridge was burnt, and it was time for him to go full throttle on real estate.

Now, a decade or so later, Steve is teaching his tips and tricks to aspiring agents, wholesalers, and de al finders alike. He has a very specific hiring process, and will only start to evaluate a candidate that fits into his time-tested requirements. This helps him weed out potential employees and keep only the serious ones around.

Steve gives some pointers on the best cold calling tips, the common mistakes that newbies make, and how to mitigate rejection when a cold call goes sour. If you’re afraid to cold call or afraid of being rejected in general during real estate prospecting, Steve talks through how he uses rejection to hit the successful metrics he needs!


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