What does the average person do in their 20s? For most people, it means going into student debt, getting a car loan, getting a mortgage, and treating yourself. These are the “average financial decisions” that put many Americans into debt and stuck at jobs they only dream of leaving. That’s how Brent aka TheFoodTruckCEO felt when he and his wife realized they had over $100,000 in consumer debt.

Brent and his wife didn’t make any crazy decisions, he merely did what society said is the right thing to do. He and his wife had student loans to cover nursing school, both had car loans, and racked up around $13,000 in credit card debt alone. This doesn’t even include a tractor Brent decided to buy for a future business purpose!

Both Brent and his wife were bringing in solid money every month from their nursing jobs, but as soon as the money came in, it somehow flooded right back out. This annoyed Brent, he felt like he wasn’t in control of his money and his life. He went to work on debt, adding up everything they had spent over the past few months and realized he and his wife were eating out far more than needed, wasting groceries they were paying good money for, and jeopardizing their future with random purchases.

They cut up the credit cards, started snowballing their debt, reduced their eating out, and stopped shopping at the big box stores. They attacked their debt! Within 5 years, they paid off $109,000 in debt, and started to save up for investments every month.

As time went on and Brent got promoted to a more corporate role, he realized that he put himself in a terrific financial position to leave and start his own business. He had accumulated $100,000 in cash, started investing in his business, and now runs a mobile pizza truck, serving delicious woodfired pizza and doing what he loves.

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