Nick Groover is 25, with a young daughter and a fiance, looking to make changes to his finances so he can start married life off on the right foot.

He has some debts he’d like to knock out so he can start investing in real estate, and potentially start a business. He just got a promotion and a raise, and on paper is doing pretty good.

But Nick needs to start budgeting, because a dollar here and five dollars there is eating up his overage, so there is very little to save.

In today’s episode, Scott and Mindy sit down with Nick to go over his current financial situation and use their life experiences to suggest easy wins to help pay down his debt, start saving for future real estate purchases, and start investing for retirement.

Nick’s in a good place right now, but following Scott & Mindy’s suggestions should help him get money out of the way so he can go on to lead his best life!

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