Michelle Clarke


About Michelle

Michelle Clarke is a Global Leadership and Personal Branding coach who works with already-successful, high-achieving individuals coaching her clients to sustain their value proposition – not only professionally, but also, holistically. She is also a teacher of Improvised Theatre and approaches life with a “Yes, and…” attitude.


Santiago, Chile

Fluent Languages

English (and a little Spanish)

General Education

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Coaching Training

As a life long learner, Michelle holds numerous coaching qualifications, the first of which she received in 2005 with The Integral Coaching Centre in South Africa. She holds a Master Coach Certification with The Behavioral Coaching Institute of Europe and has trained as a cross-cultural specialist with Philippe Rosinski in Buenos Aires. She is presently the Head Tutor for the Executive and Management online coaching short course with the University of Cape Town.

Coaching Themes

Michelle has a passion for helping individuals to leverage their authentic personal brands— one of the best accelerators for success . She is an expatriate with cross-cultural and expat training who believes in the power of harnessing diversity and developing a global mindset. Michelle also teaches improvised acting and uses Improv techniques to build radical confidence in herself and others.

What is Her Niche?

As a Global Leadership and Personal Branding Coach, Michelle enjoys working with those who consider themselves self-assured high-achievers. Her expertise lies in the positive reinforcement of skills, knowledge and competencies, while still focusing on integral and sustainable personal growth.

What She Wants to Share about Her Coaching Style

You will experience Michelle as energetic and engaged. She will encourage you to engage fully with what is important to you, and stretch yourself into sustainable goals that excite you. She will motivate you to move into an unknown future, shaping it as you take the action steps you commit to.

How Long Has She Been Coaching?

17 years


Coaching with Michelle