Why We Started LifeRamp

LifeRamp was founded on the belief that everyone can benefit from having a personal coach, a guide by your side to help you navigate today’s turbulence and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling career and life, and our coaching can help put you and keep you on your chosen path.  

What we stand for

Values are important – they guide how we act, the decisions we make and how we interact with one another. At LifeRamp we are proud to stand behind our values:

We are passionate, creative, and open-minded

We bring passion and positivity to every project and celebrate staying agile and delivering the best outcome for our partners.

We are lifelong learners

We strive to reach our full potential both as individuals and as a company through feedback, reflection, and continued education.

We are performance-driven

We balance autonomy with accountability and empower our coaching team to deliver on our mission.

We are team-oriented

We are all in this thing called life together. We focus on building trust within our teams to enable us to rely on each other.

We are global

Spanning four continents, our team of coaches, experts, and mentors have the breadth of international experience to bring insights and new perspectives to every conversation.

We respect our goals and each other

We focus on delivering value as an organization by driving positive user outcomes and treating everyone in the organization with the same respect.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Ensuring better diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just the right thing to do, it’s a must for any academic institution, business, or organization that cares about being great. 

Having a diverse student body that feels heard, included, and valued enriches learning and the academic and personal experience for everyone on campus. Having diverse employees that feel valued, engaged, and empowered makes a business, agency, or organization stronger, more innovative, and able to solve complex challenges.  

Standing at the crossroads of colleges and companies, LifeRamp – and the connection, capabilities, and confidence our coaching builds in young people – is a potent and practical force for employers and universities to support greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

LifeRamp is currently partnering with universities, companies, and foundations that want to diversify the real estate industry, better support first-generation college students, and improve DEI in healthcare and global public health organizations.

Where we’ve come from

LifeRamp was launched in the Washington, DC area in 2019, bringing together an extraordinary global team of certified life coaches and career mentors all dedicated to meeting you where you are, to help get you where you want to go.   

We are working with universities, employers, foundations, and individuals across the globe that share this vision. The LifeRamp team is now based on five continents, with a wide breadth and wealth of coaching, business, education, and leadership experience. 

We started LifeRamp to bring the transformative power of coaching to young people. Through coaching, I really believe we can help students and young professionals be their very best selves; personally, professionally and emotionally. LifeRamp aims to support young people to become meaningful contributors within their own circles and the wider world.

Michael Huckaby Founder & CEO