Next generation coaching for students and young professionals

Next generation coaching for students and young professionals

LifeRamp's Mission and Values


LifeRamp was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a life coach to help maximize and accelerate success.  Our industry-leading technology platform, coupled with accredited coaches, market intelligence, and career mentors, helps students successfully chart their lives and careers with clear plans and purpose.

Amaze our clients at scale

Our primary goal is focusing on our individual and organizational clients to maximize their return on investment. When they succeed, so do we.

Passionate, creative, and open-minded

We celebrate being agile and delivering the right solution to all stakeholders.

Learner's mindset

We strive to reach our full potential through feedback, reflection, staying agile, and continued education.


We balance autonomy with accountability and empower our Life Ramp community to deliver on our mission.


We are all in this thing called Life together. We focus on building trust to enable us to rely on each other.

Stay hungry

We focus on being one of the most valuable organizations by driving positive student outcomes coupled by treating everyone in the organization with the same respect.