I’m finally back into the swing of things! I feel more connected to you all over the past week, and I’m glad I’ve been able to create more hands on content. On this episode of the vlog, I have a brief meeting about the importance of content creation and branding with one of my agency clients. I also give you a glimpse into my new property build, where my team has just begun the beginning process of laying plumbing and the foundation concrete. Toward the back of the property, I show you where I’ll be building my horse barn and pond. I finish out the episode filming my weekly triple threat wholesaling live with Nas & Chris.

★★★ CONTENTS ★★★
0:00 – Intro / At the Office
0:54 – Daily Recap
1:45 – Content Creation & Branding
4:48 – Property Build (Plumbing & Foundation)
6:23 – Property Build (Horse Barn & Pond)
9:00 – Outro


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