Not one, not two, but three real estate rookies join us on the first Real Estate Rookie episode of 2021! Beth Henson, Jackson Seedott, Jordan Crockett all started their real estate investing careers in 2020, but are in different stages of the game. They each have contrasting strategies, goals, and visions for 2021, making this interview even more interesting!

Beth acquired 6 units in 2020! She’s also got 3 more units under contract and is ready to close in early 2021. Beth is also flipping houses as well and has a BIG revenue goal to hit in 2021 for her flipping business.

Jackson is still looking to get his first deal under contract but made a very impressive personal finance transition in the 2020. He doubled down on his side business during COVID-19 and has seen revenue triple, which is going directly into his investing fund. He’s analyzing deals, calling agents, and ready to get his first deal in Q1 of 2021!

After joining the “How to Get Your First Rental in 90 Days” webinar, Jordan made it his mission to get his first rental property under contract. Jordan bought a duplex within that 90 day timespan and house hacks one side of it. He’s looking to add more rentals and start wholesaling in 2021.

These 3 investors talk about their visions for 2021, how they accomplished success in 2020, and what new investors can do to maximize their efforts for the coming year.

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