So… how do partnerships work in real life? Today, you’ll learn how – from two new(ish) real estate investors: Amy Swayze and Chris Lawrence.

Amy breaks down her partnership with her adult son, who used his retirement fund to jumpstart their investing career earlier this year (right before COVID hit!). Here’s the arrangement: Amy’s son brings the money and crunches the numbers; she manages rehabs and gets tenants in their BRRRR rental properties.

Chris is a more experienced investor, having left his sales job to start investing full-time in the Rochester, NY area. Still – when he first jumped into real estate investing, he realized he was missing a few pieces of the puzzle (including liquid $$$).

So what did he do? He found a partner!

Like Amy, Chris and his partner split everything 50/50. They use a HELOC to borrow money at a low interest rate… so they can make cash offers when they’re looking for flips and wholesale deals.

This is a real-life look behind the curtain to see how two rookie investors are running their business, and using partnerships to supercharge their wealth-building. Don’t miss it… and if you enjoy it, share it with a friend or family member. Who knows, he or she might want to partner up with you someday!

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