We believe everyone has the power to unlock their potential

We believe everyone has the power to unlock their potential

LifeRamp Brings Valuable Solutions To Our Partners


We help our university partners create a differentiated leadership position by improving student outcomes and helping graduates prepare and transition to fulfilling careers. LifeRamp clients are primed for academic, career, and personal success via developing the skills needed to power, innovate, and lead the 21st century workforce.


LifeRamp also helps businesses turbo-charge team performance with tailored workforce solutions, targeted coaching, and powerful skill-building content.

Colleges & Universities

  • Help students successfully chart their life and career with a clear plan and sense of purpose.
  • Improve student yield and retention of students with improved graduation rates
  • Supplement your academic and career services focused on Health and Well-being coupled with Financial wellness education and Career readiness


  • Address one of the largest anxieties and liabilities for employers –  the rising cost of college coupled with low graduation rates
  • Increase retention, engagement, and financial wellness among employees
  • Provide health and well being benefits to children of employees that aids in financial wellness and career readiness for employees’ children
  • Provide tailored business and workforce development solutions

Financial Services

  • Help your customers graduate college on time (only 19% of college students graduate in 4 years) with the right job (43% of graduates are underemployed in jobs that pay less & don’t require degrees)
  • Amplify brand value and trust with families and customers
  • Graduates with lower debt and good jobs are more likely to purchase mortgages, car loans, etc.)

Partnership Benefits

Co-Branded Platform

  • LifeRamp provides co-branded content, tools and engagement campaigns, extending the reach of your brand

Easy Implementation

  • We work with you to design the perfect onboarding for your customers or employees; no IT integration required

Measurable Results

  • Campaign, usage and engagement metrics keep you informed on how LifeRamp coaching and services are positively impacting your business

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