Just the thought of picking up the phone and cold calling a stranger can be enough to put any new real estate investor into shock. But, as Anson will show you in this video, real estate cold calling is one of the best ways to find off-market deals. With these best practices, you’ll know how to find leads, what to say, how to scale, and who you definitely should not be calling. What are you waiting for? Get on the phone!

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Finding and Funding Great Deals

No. 1 Most Effective Way to Master the Art of Cold Calling:

No. 1 Most Effective Way to Master the Art of Cold Calling

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00:00 More Anson, More Great Deals
01:50 Cold Calling for Deals
03:09 Part 1: Best Practices
03:51 Skip Tracing
07:20 Cold Calling Scripts
10:11 Practice, Practice, Practice
11:19 Pro Tip: Keep Cool on The Phone
11:39 Part 2: Scaling
12:23 Dialer Systems
13:27 Outsourcing Cold-Callers
15:02 Pro Tip: Tracking Leads with a CRM
16:08 Part 3: What to Avoid