Here’s a breakdown of EXACTLY how much I spend every month, my philosophies on saving money, and how my spending has changed in 2020 – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment:

Car Insurance: $125 per month
Gym Membership: $0 Per Month (Temporarily)
Health Insurance: $230 Per Month
Phone Bill: $70 Per Month
Internet: $75 Per Month
Utilities: $260 Per Month
Gardener: $150 Per Month
Food / Dining Out: $400 Per Month
Other: $200 Per Month
Housing: $7700 per month (Not including rents, equity, tax write offs, etc)
Tesla Model 3 Car Payment: $630 (Not including equity, tax write offs, etc)

Business Expenses:
Teachable: $99 per month
Insurance: $150 per month
S Corp / LLC Filing Gees: $150 per month
Tax Filing Fees: $200 per month
Zoom, Storage, etc: $100 per month
Credit Card Annual Fees: $130 Per Month
Full Time Help / Jack: $7500 Per Month

So, when it comes to everything…these are two big main takeaways that I have learned throughout all of my experiences saving and investing, it just comes down to this:

First, I only view my income as not how much I make, but instead – how much that money makes ME.

For example, if I earn $10,000…I don’t see that as $10,000…instead, I’d see that as $50 per month in passive income when I invest that money into buying a rental property at a 6% return. By that logic, if I’m able to invest $50,000…that’ll cover the basic grocery bill for pretty much the rest of my life. If I can get $350,000 invested in a rental property…that’s enough passive income to cover a 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles in a good area. And at $1 million invested…that’ll replace the average annual salary from most full time employees. I challenge you to start thinking the same way, as well…this will make the aspects of saving and investing so much easier, and over time – you can replace all of your expenses by having your money do all the work for you.

Second, beyond the essentials…I only try to buy things that I can put to work that will make more money, or can be seen as an investment.

For example, I consider the computer that I’m editing on right now to be a good use of money, that helps expedite the work I do. Or, buying an extra camera to film on so I could get a second angle for The Graham Stephan Show…or, paying extra to create a brick veneer for the background of my videos so they’re more visually appealing…or, even something like this house that I bought, I find it much more relaxing to work outside and come up with new content – and when I feel more at ease, I tend to produce better quality. If you can find a way to coordinate your expenses around things that will help INCREASE your productivity or income, it can be absolutely worth it.

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