Ambus Hunter grew up with a fair understanding of how money works. He received a partial scholarship to play drums in college, and graduated with a small amount of student loan debt.

His first job was with the Department of Defense, making a decent salary for someone who had just graduated from college. He started saving his money, like a good FI-devotee does, but his story takes a sharp left turn.

Ambus discovered gambling.

At first, he was winning. (That’s how it goes with gambling, right?) But then his “luck” changed. Because that’s also how it goes with gambling, right?

Ambus chased his losses, and ended up wiping out his entire savings account. That was when he knew he had to stop cold turkey.

He then threw everything he had into building his savings back up, taking on extra jobs, living with roommates, and cutting out everything unnecessary in his life.

In one short year, working nights and weekends, spending as little as possible, and throwing every dollar into his savings, he made it all back.

Now Ambus helps guide others on their own path to financial literacy through volunteering and through his own coaching programs.

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