For the first time ever, Brandon is joined by his other (better?!) half, Heather Turner, here on the BiggerPockets YouTube channel – and at just the right time! In this video, the couple share a step-by-step agenda for setting goals with your spouse or significant other!

In this video, you’ll discover:
– why setting goals with your significant other is so vital in helping you live your best life ever,
… the best way to begin your goal-planning date (hint: it’s not by setting goals!)
… what the Six “F’s” of Life are and why goals should be considered for each
… how asking yourself “the Great Eight” questions can help align you and your spouse toward a common (and separate) goals)
… and much more.

Don’t miss a moment of this powerful video from a couple who have gone from flat-broke to multimillionaires through the power of goal-setting- and how you can use their same strategies to begin building your own ideal lifestyle together.

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