What do you do once you’ve hit millionaire status? You have rental properties, brokerage accounts, and a good amount of cash on hand, so what’s next? This is the question that today’s guest, Brian Blask, has. Brian has done everything right so far: he doesn’t spend frivolously, he invests heavily, he isn’t overleveraged in his rental properties, and he has a high income.

Often when you reach such a high point of financial intelligence, you want to make bigger investments for bigger returns. Brian is debating whether or not he should buy more rentals in the cash flowing market of upstate New York, or buy a short-term rental in his new home state of North Carolina. Both markets are different, while one favors cash flow, the other favors appreciation. Brian is also debating whether or not he should take a truly passive role and invest in real estate syndication deals.

Many people don’t know that to become an accredited investor you (often) need to have a net worth of $1,000,000. This is why Brian is debating whether or not he should put money into syndications. Although they can be more hands off, it’s incredibly important to do your homework and look at the track record of a syndication before diving in.

With the liquid assets that Brian has on hand, he has a number of great options to follow up with. Keep the cash flow in New York even with little appreciation, try his shot at an AirBnb in North Carolina that could both cash flow and appreciate, or have more time with his new baby on the way and put money into a syndication. What should he do? Listen to find out!

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